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Thanks From Scholar Kevin Nelson

The ARCS scholarship program has been a critical factor for my success in graduate school at Northwestern University.  Not only did the program provide financial aid for me to continue my studies, but it also allowed me to interact with a diverse group of scientists and nonscientists several times a year.  These interactions have allowed me to keep up with cutting edge research outside of my field of study and have provided enormous insight into my own work.  Given the multidisciplinary nature of the program, I have also learned how to effectively communicate my results so that anyone from any field can understand what I am doing, an invaluable skill for any budding scientist.  After I graduate from Northwestern, I plan on continuing my career in research by studying immunology in a postdoctoral position.  I know that I will be able to take the experiences and lessons I’ve learned in the ARCS scholarship program and apply it to my next job, as well as the rest of my career as a scientist.

Thanks From Scholar Richard Duncan

In addition to financial support, ARCS provided a unique opportunity to connect with people across the city, get a glimpse of the problems other researchers and scholars are solving, and better understand the efforts being made to continue to support math and science education in the US. This "window" into parts of the scientific world outside my own field was an important addition to my doctorate studies, and will greatly inform my future adventures (which remain "to be determined" at the moment).

Thanks From Scholar Louise Giam

I have been an Arnold Beckman scholar for the past three years while working towards my PhD at Northwestern University. I feel extremely privileged to have received support from ARCS and have always enjoyed meeting the members, whether it is talking about the creative event themes, lessons learned from different industries, or how science and technology have changed over the years.  ARCS has provided funds that enabled me to attend conferences and meet peers within my field. It has given me peace of mind to focus on research without distractions and the confidence to pursue important scientific questions that my lab would not typically investigate. Most importantly, however, ARCS has conveyed the importance of bridging lab work with the community-at-large and committed me to become involved in creating opportunities for future scientists as well.