ARCS Light Award Winners

The ARCS Light Award is a distinctive honor awarded to a member who has given the highest quality of long-term service to ARCS Foundation.  One ARCS Light may be chosen by her Chapter each year, though there is no requirement that the award be given every year.  The ARCS Light is honored at the Chapter's annual meeting and at the ARCS Foundation National Annual Meeting.

A candidate for the ARCS Light Award must have been an active member for at least three years, have served on a variety of committees as well as on the Chapter Board, have given continuous service that has had a positive impact on the ARCS Foundation, have demonstrated a willingness to serve, have respect for ARCS Foundation leadership and membership, and be an exemplary representative of ARCS Foundation to her fellow members and to the community.

The Illinois Chapter of the ARCS Foundation is proud to honor all of the ARCS Light Honorees who have represented us over the years.  As an example of the excellence of character and contribution to the ARCS Foundation, we are listing the following women, each of whom was an ARCS Light; and each of whom is a current member or supporter of ARCS Foundation Illinois. 

Patricia Anderson Sharon Batterson Barbara Benezra
Lynda Birkelbach Teresa Byrd Ann Carlson
Patricia Sheridan Caruso Linda Celesia Sue Dindia
Joanne Benazzi Friedland Tara Fowler RuthAnn Green
Jeri King Sherry Petska Elizabeth Plotnik
Alicia Pond Elisa Primavera-Bailey Donna Spivey
Joanna Stein Jocelyn Stoller Laura Sudler
Ruth Anne Unik    

2017-2018 Illinois Chapter ARCS Light Award Recipient


A member of ARCS Foundation since 2011, Sandra Mangurianjoined the Illinois Chapter’s Board in 2014, first serving as Director of Communication and presently as Secretary. In addition, she contributed to the preparation of the Chapter’s 2017 strategic plan.

For more than 35 years, Sandra has been an executive in the educational publishing arena. She has held a variety of high-level leadership positions, including Director of Urban Education; Vice President, Research and Instruction; and US Publishing Director, Global Publishing. In 2008, Sandra authored a reading/language arts textbook for middle school ESL students. 

A graduate of University of Massachusetts Amherst, Sandra serves as co-chair of the College of Humanities and Fine Arts Dean’s Council. As a member of the Council, she evaluates student scholarship applications and advises English majors on applying their critical thinking and creativity to the world of work in the 21st century. She has also served on the University’s Alumni Leadership Advisory Board.